Ghost 5.73.0 Release


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원문 내용

⚠️NB: This release is not available on NPM due to a broken package build

  • ✨ Enabled emoji picker in editor (#18880) - Steve Larson
  • 🐛 Fix edge case resulting in duplicate emails for some recipients (#18941) - Steve Larson
  • 🐛 Fixed various editor issues (#18934) - Kevin Ansfield
  • 🐛 Fixed UI glitch on unsubscribe page in Portal - Simon Backx
  • 🐛 Fixed unsubscribe button requiring manual action + wrong confirmation - Simon Backx
  • 🐛Changed "free_signups" to "signups" in Post Exporter (#18883) - Nick Moreton
  • 🐛 Fixed email rendering bug in Gmail for Android (#18886) - Chris Raible
  • 🐛 Fixed links being invisible in Portal settings (#18881) - Peter Zimon

View the changelog for full details: v5.72.2...v5.73.0

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