k3s v1.27.5+k3s1 Release


이 릴리스에서는 Kubernetes를 v1.27.5로 업데이트하고 일부 문제를 수정했습니다.

무엇이 새로운지에 대한 자세한 내용은 Kubernetes 릴리스 노트를 참조하십시오.


원문 내용

This release updates Kubernetes to v1.27.5, and fixes a number of issues.

For more details on what's new, see the Kubernetes release notes.

Changes since v1.27.4+k3s1:

  • Update cni plugins version to v1.3.0 (#8056)
  • Upgraded cni-plugins to v1.3.0
  • Update flannel to v0.22.1 (#8057)
  • Update flannel to v0.22.1
  • ADR on secrets encryption v3 (#7938)
  • Unit test for MustFindString (#8013)
  • Add support for using base template in etc/containerd/config.toml.tmpl (#7991)
  • User-provided containerd config templates may now use {{ template "base" . }} to include the default K3s template content. This makes it easier to maintain user configuration if the only need is to add additional sections to the file.
  • Make apiserver egress args conditional on egress-selector-mode (#7972)
  • K3s no longer enables the apiserver's enable-aggregator-routing flag when the egress proxy is not being used to route connections to in-cluster endpoints.
  • Security bump to docker/distribution (#8047)
  • Fix coreos multiple installs (#8083)
  • Update stable channel to v1.27.4+k3s1 (#8067)
  • Fix tailscale bug with ip modes (#8077)
  • Consolidate CopyFile functions (#8079)
  • E2E: Support GOCOVER for more tests + fixes (#8080)
  • Fix typo in terraform/README.md (#8090)
  • Add FilterCN function to prevent SAN Stuffing (#8085)
  • K3s's external apiserver listener now declines to add to its certificate any subject names not associated with the kubernetes apiserver service, server nodes, or values of the --tls-san option. This prevents the certificate's SAN list from being filled with unwanted entries.
  • Bump docker/docker to master commit; cri-dockerd to 0.3.4 (#8092)
  • Bump docker/docker module version to fix issues with cri-dockerd caused by recent releases of golang rejecting invalid host headers sent by the docker client.
  • Bump versions for etcd, containerd, runc (#8109)
  • Updated the embedded containerd to v1.7.3+k3s1
  • Updated the embedded runc to v1.1.8
  • Updated the embedded etcd to v3.5.9+k3s1
  • Etcd snapshots retention when node name changes (#8099)
  • Bump kine to v0.10.2 (#8125)
  • Updated kine to v0.10.2
  • Remove terraform package (#8136)
  • Fix etcd-snapshot delete when etcd-s3 is true (#8110)
  • Add --disable-cloud-controller and --disable-kube-proxy test (#8018)
  • Use go list -m instead of grep to look up versions (#8138)
  • Use VERSION_K8S in tests instead of grep go.mod (#8147)
  • Fix for Kubeflag Integration test (#8154)
  • Fix for cluster-reset backup from s3 when etcd snapshots are disabled (#8155)
  • Run integration test CI in parallel (#8156)
  • Bump Trivy version (#8150)
  • Bump Trivy version (#8178)
  • Fixed the etcd retention to delete orphaned snapshots based on the date (#8177)
  • Bump dynamiclistener (#8193)
  • Bumped dynamiclistener to address an issue that could cause the apiserver/supervisor listener on 6443 to stop serving requests on etcd-only nodes.
  • The K3s external apiserver/supervisor listener on 6443 now sends a complete certificate chain in the TLS handshake.
  • Bump helm-controller/klipper-helm versions (#8204)
  • The version of helm used by the bundled helm controller's job image has been updated to v3.12.3
  • E2E: Add test for k3s token (#8184)
  • Move flannel to 0.22.2 (#8219)
  • Move flannel to v0.22.2
  • Update to v1.27.5 (#8236)
  • Add new CLI flag to enable TLS SAN CN filtering (#8257)
  • Added a new --tls-san-security option. This flag defaults to false, but can be set to true to disable automatically adding SANs to the server's TLS certificate to satisfy any hostname requested by a client.
  • Add RWMutex to address controller (#8273)

Embedded Component Versions

Component Version
Kubernetes v1.27.5
Kine v0.10.2
SQLite 3.42.0
Etcd v3.5.9-k3s1
Containerd v1.7.3-k3s1
Runc v1.1.8
Flannel v0.22.2
Metrics-server v0.6.3
Traefik v2.9.10
CoreDNS v1.10.1
Helm-controller v0.15.4
Local-path-provisioner v0.0.24

As always, we welcome and appreciate feedback from our community of users. Please feel free to:

링크 : https://github.com/k3s-io/k3s/releases/tag/v1.27.5%2Bk3s1