n8n n8n@1.11.0 Release


1.11.0 (2023-10-11)

버그 수정

  • core: 기본 인증서와 함께 postgres ssl을 사용하도록 옵션 추가 (#6889) (789e1e7)
  • core: 연결된 항목 데이터가 없을 때 오류 수정 (#7399) (47e8953)
  • core: 매칭 정보 누락 (#7326) (e2c3c7a)
  • core: 접두사 일치 없을 시 객체 삭제 요청 방지 (#7366) (63e11e4)
  • editor: 코드 노드의 따옴표로 둘러싸인 노드 이름에서 .json의 자동완성 수정 (#7382) (1.11.0 (2023-10-11)

Bug Fixes

  • core: Add an option to enable postgres ssl with default certs (#6889) (789e1e7)
  • core: Fix error on missing paired item data (#7399) (47e8953)
  • core: Missing pairing info (#7326) (e2c3c7a)
  • core: Prevent object deletion request on no prefix match (#7366) (63e11e4)
  • editor: Fix completions for .json on quoted node name in Code node (#7382) (86e7ec7)
  • editor: Implement canvas zoom UX improvements (#7376) (7e06b31)
  • editor: Make workflow history button available only for dev builds (#7392) (7ed466d)
  • editor: Remove excess margin below run data editor (#7372) (3fa2764)
  • editor: Sanitize HTML binary-data before rendering in the UI (#7400) (2b075bf)
  • editor: Use display option's @Version specifier  (#7351) (afbf0c3)
  • Google BigQuery Node: Location default to jobReference (#7354) (97bb703)
  • Google Drive Trigger Node: Add Shared Drives support (#7369) (3e7a4d3)
  • Google Sheets Node: Fix "Maximum call stack size exceeded" error on too many rows (#7384) (732b15a)
  • HTML Node: Update property fields to not use expressions on drag (#7379) (77643e5)
  • Notion Node: Handle empty values correctly for Notion selects + multi selects (#7383) (fbcd1d4)
  • Set Node: Increase search priority (#7358) (e5ad1e7)
  • Webhook Node: Backward compatible form-data parsing for non-array files (#7385) (6479eb1)


  • core: Add Job Summary to Worker response (#7360) (b8608ce)
  • core: Integrate object store as binary data manager (#7253) (1a661e6)
  • core: Switch binary filesystem mode to nested path structure (#7307) (0847623)
  • editor: Make PDF and Audio binary-data viewable in the UI (#7367) (8187be1)
  • editor: Support autologin for upgrade path (#7316) (1dfa052)
  • Execute Workflow Node: Run once for each item mode (#7289) (c8c14ca)
  • Item Lists Node: Split merge binary data (#7297) (965db8f)
  • Loop Over Items (Split in Batches) Node: Automatically add a loop + rename (#7228) (7b773cc)
  • Notion Node: Fetch child blocks recursively (#7304) (193181a)링크 : https://github.com/n8n-io/n8n/releases/tag/n8n%401.11.0