n8n n8n@1.4.0 Release


1.4.0 (2023-08-23)

버그 수정

  • core: 복구 중인 플래그 파일 추가 (#6962) (7b96820)
  • core: Set 내 식 오류의 경우 continueOnFail 수정 (#6939) (d4fac05)
  • core: import:workflow 명령 수정 (#6996) (8c38d85)
  • core: 비활성화되지 않은 워크플로우를 비활성화할 때 throw 대신 경고 표시 (#6969) (b6a00fe)
  • core: OAuth2 인증 테스트 설정 (#6960) (4fc69b7)
  • editor: 표현식에 대한 동적로드 네이티브 옵션 오류 플래그 미출력 (#6932) (60a1ef0)
  • editor: 커뮤니티 노드 설치 버튼에서 유저 동의 기록 (#6976) (0ddfc73)
  • editor: 단일 따옴표가있는 'resolvables'에 대한 파싱 수정 (#6982) (f32e993)
  • editor: 소스 맵핑에서 모든 필드 제거, 값 제거 오류 수정 (#6940) (e6cff3f)

원문 내용

1.4.0 (2023-08-23)

Bug Fixes

  • core: Add recoveryInProgress flag file (#6962) (7b96820)
  • core: Fix continueOnFail for expression error in Set (#6939) (d4fac05)
  • core: Fix import:workflow command (#6996) (8c38d85)
  • core: Replace throw with warning when deactivating a non-active workflow (#6969) (b6a00fe)
  • core: Set up OAuth2 cred test (#6960) (4fc69b7)
  • editor: Do not flag dynamic load options issue on expression (#6932) (60a1ef0)
  • editor: Ensure community node install button tracks user agreement (#6976) (0ddfc73)
  • editor: Fix parsing for single quoted resolvables (#6982) (f32e993)
  • editor: Fix Remove all fields not removing values in resource mapper (#6940) (e6cff3f)
  • editor: Prevent Code node linter from erroring on null parse (#6934) (40d3a29)
  • Google Sheets Node: Fix short sheet name interpreted as range (#6989) (00268a0)
  • Google Sheets Trigger Node: Support sheet names with non-latin characters (#6970) (052dd7c)
  • GraphQL Node: Improve error handling (#6955) (41db637)
  • Mautic Node: Fix issue with owner not being set correctly (#6991) (64b950f)
  • Salesforce Node: Fix Account update owner operation (#6958) (9b27878)
  • Shopify Node: Fix pagination when using options (#6972) (475d9c9)
  • Webhook Node: Backward compatible form-data parsing for non-array fields (#6967) (9455bcf)


  • core: Add a warning to error workflows that cannot be started due to permission or settings (#6961) (67b88f7)
  • core: Add support for ready hooks, and credentials overwrite endpoint in workers (#6954) (8f8a1de)
  • editor: Show banner for non-production licenses (#6943) (413570c)
  • Remove PostHog event calls (#6915) (270946a)
  • Send Email Node: Add support for sending text and html email simultaneously (#6978) (3860d41)링크 : https://github.com/n8n-io/n8n/releases/tag/n8n%401.4.0